Wellsite Supervisor

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Technical and Operations


Location could be anywhere in the world.

Job Information

A Field Supervisor is responsible for implementing the technical functions in the field at the wellsite in a safe and efficient manner. Field Supervisors will be hired on an as-needed basis.

The Associate in this position is responsible for overseeing all activities at a wellsite, including site preparation, drilling and coring, geophysical logging, casing and cementing, well completion functions such as perforating or hydraulic fracture stimulation treatments, and well configuration for reservoir testing or production, and the production and water disposal operations. The Field Supervisor reports to either the Field Superintendent or the Engineering Manager and communicates with the Senior Geologist to ensure the designs are properly carried out or the field operations are modified as circumstances dictate.

The Field Supervisor will ensure the HSES program is carried out and all personnel on location acknowledge and comply with the HSES program requirements.