Geologist Associate

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Location could be anywhere in the world.

Job Information

The Geologist Associate is responsible for carrying out various geological functions as required for the project. The level of support required and background information will be provided by the company; therefore the level of effort may be scaled up or back as appropriate.

The Geologist Associate is expected to be honest, hold appropriate professional credentials, have good knowledge of coal and preferably have CBM experience, and be a good communicator. Specific responsibilities may include the following:

  • Review and assimilate geological data provided by the company;
  • Gather and refine initial knowledge of the geology so as to make recommendations;
  • Develop geologic prognoses with core sampling and reservoir testing intervals identified;
  • Directly oversee the wellsite geology and geophysical logging work in the field;
  • Implement and help manage the core handling and core analysis operations;
  • Develop improved geologic models of specific areas as required; and
  • Prepare the geological technical reports as appropriate.