Work with Us as an Associate

Welcome Home

As an Associate, you are free to live where you desire and communicate and commute as required for the job. Often the job requires an extended stay at a field location, and travel is part of the job.

Amazing Locations

Because we work in the geoscience industry, we must go to where the job is. This is typically in an interesting and beautiful location, sometimes an exotic country such as China, India, Australia or even Canada!

Remote Meetings

Much of our communications may be performed remotely by phone or over the internet. Web-based communications work well for initial planning and problem solving. But when preparing to mobilize for the field, an in-person meeting is usually warranted.

General Positions

Following are job categories where we are always seeking new Associates:

Wellsite Supervisor
A Field Supervisor is responsible for implementing the technical functions in the field at the wellsite in a safe and efficient manner. Field Supervisors will be hired on an as-needed basis.
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Geologist Associate
The Geologist Associate carries out geologic functions for the Work Program. The person reports to the Senior Geologist or Engineering Manager. This Associate may also be required to perform GIS and geologic modelling as well as perform functions at the field-based wellsite.
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