Reservoir Testing

Reservoir permeability is often just as important as coal thickness and gas content. CGT offers state-of-the-art Reservoir Transient Testing of coals and shales, with techniques based on specific needs of the exploration program, including:

  • Drill Stem Testing (openhole during drilling);
  • Injection/Falloff Testing (openhole or cased hole);
  • Interference Testing (multi-well test for directional perm. & compressibility).
  • Long-Term Production/Shut-In Testing (on stimulated or unstimulated wells)

CGT owns all the equipment needed for conducting Injection/Falloff tests in water-saturated wells. This hydrology equipment includes:

  • Inflatable Packers for straddling zones with diameters up to 11” (280 mm);
  • Low-Rate, High-Pressure Injection Pump with rates from 0.1 to 10 lpm;
  • Downhole, Surface-Readout Pressure Gauge with automatic data logging.

Acquired data is analyzed with state-of-the-art software for modern derivative analysis or based on classical methods.

  • Injection/Falloff Flow

    Test with Bottomhole

    Shut-In and

    Surface Readout

  • CGT Reservoir Testing Trailer

  • Multi-Zone Gas

    Flow Test

    Wellhead Setup

  • High-Pressure,


    Injection Pump

  • Reservoir

    Testing Data



  • Modular Formation Dynamic

    Tester (MDT) Tool for Wireline

    Permeability Testing

  • Gas Flow Test with Flare

  • Programmable


    Shut-In Tool

    Hung on Tubing

  • Coil Rig Saturation Test

    in Coos Bay, Oregon

  • Nitrogen Fog in Coos Bay, OR

  • Remote Location

    Reservoir Test with

    Diamond Drill Rig

  • Example of

    Pressure Stabilization,

    Injection and Fall-Off

    Data Collection Periods

  • Production Setup in Coos Bay, Oregon

  • Production Setup in Australia

  • Gas Flare During Flow Test