Gas Content

In the field at the client's well site, CGT offers state-of-the-art Gas Content Measurement of coal seams and shales, with techniques for handling conventional core, pressure core, sidewall core, and drill cuttings. All work is performed according to the client’s specifications and normally involves the use of temperature-controlled gas desorption canisters. Some of the services include:

  • CBM/Shale Gas Desorption based on ASTM Method D7569-10
  • Gas Content for Whole Conventional Core, Diamond Drill Core or Wireline Core
  • Specialized Cuttings Handling Methods with Proved, Accurate Results
  • 0.3 m and 0.5 m Diameter, Epoxy-Lined, Temperature-Controlled Desorption Canisters
  • Three Modes, including

> Quick-Degas for Ultra-Fast Turnaround (~1 week)
> Fast-Turnaround Degas (~1 month)
> Standard Long-Term Desorption (3 months or more)

  • Highly Accurate Residual Gas Measurement (Sealed Blender or Shatterbox)
  • Advanced Mathematical Analysis (including Spherical Diffusion Analysis when required)
  • Gas Composition Analysis by Gas Chromatography

CGT analyzes degas results with both the standard USBM Direct Method and a new sophisticated technique called Spherical Diffusion Analysis (SDA). Comprehensive reports of gas content results and data curves are presented for each sample.

  • Drill Rig in

    Southern Alberta,

    Canada with

    Coring Operation

  • Core Barrel Handling

    on Rig Floor

  • Drill Rig in Alabama


    Pressure Coring

  • Modern Core Bit with

    Bit Insert or

    Core Barrel Insert

  • Wireline Coring Operation

    in Central Alberta for

    Horseshoe Canyon Coals

  • Handling

    Core Barrel

    on Catwalk

  • CGT Degas Trailer

    for Field Mobilization

  • Core Inspection

    in the Field

    Prior to Gas



  • Balanced Burette

    Gas Volume


  • Triple-Tube 1-meter Canisters

    with Temperature Control

  • Sidewall Core

    Mini Canisters

  • Triple-Burette

    Station for Range

    of Gas Volumes

  • Wall Box for Temperature Control of More than 100 Canisters

  • Gas Desorption

    Test Duration

  • Simple 1-foot

    Canisters in




  • HotBox Gas Desorption

  • Bulk Temperature Control of Canisters

  • Sealed Blender Jar for

    Coal Residual Gas Measurement

  • Sealed Puck Mill for

    Residual Gas Measurement

    of Coal or Shale

  • Sealed Ring Mill with

    Shatterbox for

    Residual Gas

    Measurement of

    Any Material

  • Diamond Core Rig

    in Ningxia, China

  • Use of SDA