Equipment Manufacturing and Sales

Coal Gas Technology Co. manufactures specialized apparatus for its own work as well as to enable any clients to perform their own measurements of coal and shale gas resources. The current equipment line includes:

  • "DegasLab" Volumetric Gas Desorption Apparatus for measuring gas volumes of coal and shale at the drill site and laboratory: supplied as single-burette, double-burette or triple-burette setups plus barometric pressure and temperature readouts.

Typically, this system is supplied with:

  • "ExCan" Heavy-Gauge Aluminum, Epoxy-Lined Gas Desorption Canisters, and
  • "HotBox" Temperature-Controlled Insulated Case for economical housing of canisters.

CGT also offers other specialized laboratory equipment, including:

  • "IsoLab" High-Pressure Adsorption Isotherm Apparatus for determination of gas storage capacity of coal and other organic rocks, and

Complete systems for measurement of other parameters such as:

  • Headspace Volume, Residual Gas Content, Equilibrium Moisture,
  • Apparent Specific Gravity, True Grain Density,
  • Gas Composition Analysis by Gas Chromatography, and others as requested.

All equipment requires CGT's Custom Software Applications for proper data reduction and comprehensive presentation of results. Systems can be supplied in 115VAC, 60 Hz or 240VAC, 50 Hz models with appropriate power plug.

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  • HotBoxes in Degas Lab

  • Wall Box for Temperature Control of a Large Number of Canisters

  • Double-Burette

    System for

    Gas Volume


  • HotBox with ExCans in place

  • Triple-Burette System

  • Double-Burette with 1-foot canisters

    in Temperature-Controlled Box

  • Burettes with Large

    Temperature-Controlled Box

  • Triple-Tube Temperature Controlled

    Canisters Deployed in Canada

  • Quad-Can





    in China

  • Sidewall Core

    Mini Canisters

  • Residual Gas Measurement

    with Sealed Blender Jars

  • Residual Gas Measurement with Sealed Puck Mill

  • Residual Gas Measurement

    with Sealed Ring Mill

    and Shatterbox

  • Headspace Volume Measurement

    by Boyle's Law

  • Sample Preparation


  • Cuttings Float Station for

    Accurate Coal-Basis Corrections

  • Cuttings






  • Equilibrium Moisture by ASTM Standard

    to Correct Back to In-Situ Moisture Content

  • Adsorption Isotherm Station

  • Standard Adsorption Isotherm Oil Bath

  • High-Pressure

    Isotherm Cell