Engineering & Geology

CGT and its associates provide a wide range of professional services in the coalbed methane (CBM) and shale gas engineering and geology fields. Our company personnel have been used to augment the capabilities of client's staff to fulfill a variety of needs, including:

  • Prospect Identification and Evaluation;
  • Gas Resource Assessment;
  • Siting and Permitting Exploration Wells;
  • Multi-Well Pilot Project Planning and Design;
  • Well-Site Supervision of Drilling, Coring, and Formation Evaluation;
  • Hydraulic Fracture Completion Design and Implementation;
  • Downhole Pump Configuration;
  • Surface Facilities Installation;
  • Production Monitoring;
  • Reservoir Testing, Modeling;
  • Prospect Cost Estimation and Economic Evaluation

CGT can provide personnel to conduct every aspect of coalbed methane and shale gas exploration and development from prospect inception to testing and evaluation. We are comfortable working either in a team with the client's people, or totally on our own with only basic guidance on specific tasks.

  • Drilling Rig in




  • Drill Rig in Alabama

    Cotton Field

  • Drill Rig in Shouyang,

    Shanxi, China

  • Coil Rig for Saturation Test

    in Coos Bay, Oregon

  • Liquid Nitrogen Fog

    in Coos Bay, Oregon

  • Casing Perforation Jet

    Explosive Charge

  • Spent Perforation Guns

  • Drill Rig in Central Alberta, Canada

  • Hammering Up the Lines

  • Octopus and


  • Foam Frac Blender

  • Foam Frac Setup

  • Foam Frac Wellhead with Tree Saver

  • Cross-Linked Gel

    Frac Fluid

  • Frac Tanks and Mountain Movers

  • Frac Tank


  • Frac Trucks and Coil Rig

  • N2




  • Nitrogen Frac Pumpers

  • Coil Pressure Isolation Cups

  • TechniCoil

    Large Diameter Rig

  • Large-Diameter Coil Spool

  • Nitrogen Frac Setup

  • Rain-4-Rent

    Frac Tanks

  • Production Setup in Coos Bay, Oregon

  • Production Setup in Australia

  • Natural




  • Gas Flare at Sunset in Alberta