Coal Mine Methane

Coal Mine Methane (CMM) drainage industry leaders join forces to bring a total solution to the coal mining industry ventilation needs. Capabilities brought to the project include:

  • Coal seam characterization of gas content, reservoir pressure, permeability and water saturation;
  • Design and layout of a gas drainage drilling plan with in-seam, cross-measure or surface drilling as necessary;
  • Design and construction of a state-of-the-art gas recovery in-mine piping system with fail-safe capabilities;
  • Drilling of in-mine or surface holes in concert with long-term mining plans;
  • Design and installation of gob gas drainage wells, with gathering lines and controls.

Mine Assessment, Drainage Design and Implementation (MADDI)

The MADDI approach to CMM will:

  • Address immediate needs for gas drainage for mine safety purposes;
  • Also plan for long-term opportunities to drain gas at an additional profit; and
  • Establish baseline for securing long-term carbon credits.
  • Underground

    Horizontal Drill

  • In-Mine Drainage Well Collars

  • Valley Longwall Horizontal Drill Rig

  • In-Mine Gas/Water Separator